Space Escape

The game

Space Escape is an horizontal 2D space shooter made using Unity3D for Android and later PC.

The concept

You were a spacefighter pilot fighting during the Earth's space expansion campaign but got lost after a huge battle. Your system are still operational so you managed to reach out an abandonned outpost to establish a place where you can fix and manage your ships.
Your objective is to contact your home planet but for that, you'll have to go through various places known as sectors and probably defeat some enemies that are still roaming in space. To do so, you'll be able to collect or purchase new ships, weapons, thrusters or modules to build various loadouts.

The pricing

The game will be free when it will be released on both Android and PC. No in-game purchases or paid DLCs will be available but free content may be added during its lifetime. The game's price may change later on.