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Escape Space
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About me

I make video games.

I am Christopher - or Shidy - and I am a solo indie game developer based in France. I'm learning how to make video games from scratch since 2016 as a hobby, and released a bunch of small free games made during game jams.

I'm now working on my first real commercial game, Escape Space, which should be released this summer. It's a side scrolling shoot-em-up made in 2D, with handcrafted pieces of pixel art, where you will play as a mercenary spaceship's pilot accepting contract missions from several factions against each others. Your spaceship is fully customizable, that way you are in control of your own gameplay. Give it a wishlist!

Contact me

You can reach me out.

Please, don't be shy! Either for business inquiries or simply to have a little chat, you can reach me out in many ways! Please follow my social media links to know more. You can also send me an email if you prefer!