Space Escape



You're a spacefighter pilot from Earth who got lost in space after a huge battle to protect your nation. Your systems are still operational, but you're not able to establish any communication link with your home planet.

You'll have to make your way back to Earth by your own, travelling through dangerous locations known as Sectors. Explore the galaxy, fight various enemies with their own abilities and patterns, and collect new upgrades or even new spaceships to customize your own loadout with new weapons, thrusters and modules.

This game is still in a closed alpha state, please follow the roadmap at the bottom of the page.

Media (0.7 alpha)

The lore

Year 2339. During the past centuries, Earth's ressources were missing to supply the whole industries and population. Devasting wars occured between countries to control the economy. At the end, nations disappeared and a new order rised: the United Earth Federation, or UEF.

The great war didn't solve the resources issues Earth was having. The UEF started to work on the biggest space program ever done: to map any single space item in our star system, to colonize most of those objects and to extract any precious material that can resupply our home world.

The exploration was extented to other star systems nearby, then deeper in space, to provide enough to keep growing. As new planets were colonized, more and more people needed more resources to live on those space entities. The UEF kept going on this space program, but at some point we did travel too far in space and encountered another civilization there, that we call the Lorvex.

Passive at the beginning, the Lorvex we found was mostly appearing as little autonomous drone entities surveying our human activities. We didn't know yet their intentions and even if they were only drones or any other race of living organisms. A few years passed, and we started to lose contact with some exploration carriers in the deep space.

At some point, the United Earth Federation was worried about those disparitions and started to invest on some military assets to assist and escort the exploration fleets. That's how the first space battles appeared: the Lorvex was responsible of the missing ships, and went very aggressive with every UEF fleet they found. They also started to attack and destroy any space outpost or station they were able to find, and very quickly started to come closer to our own star system, menacing our own existence.

The United Earth Federation was the only hope to protect our planet from this invasion. They started to spend billions in new technological military assets, and formed the UEF Task Force fleet composed with thousands of military spaceships and fighters. At this point, new brands and manufacturers was created to follow the need in weapons, ships and supply that could help the war effort.

In 2338, the UEF fleet was sent to eradicate the enemy's menace. The biggest space battle ever made was done, and you were part of it in your Stingray Mk.I spacefighter.

After this, nothing. Did the United Earth Federation win the war? You don't know. No comms, no signals. You don't even know if the Earth is still there. You're lost in space, but found an outpost where to land and repair. You're alone, and your journey to get back to your home planet is starting now.

The races

  • Lorvex: This race is highly aggressive and got discovered during the deep space explorations we made. Mostly composed by drone assets, they still have piloted spaceships to escort their main drones' fleets in any theater of operation. Proceed with caution when you do encounter them, as they will likely attack you first.
  • Aegia: This race has been discovered later, after the first conflicts agaisnt the Lorvex. It seems to be very unfriendly agaisnt the Lorvex, but human race didn't manage to get in contact with them. As a result, they're a threat to consider.
  • Pirates: formerly UEF's pilots, some of the military assets started to be unfriendly and to want more freedom. They didn't follow the UEF's spirit of conquest and exploration and wanted to make their own nations out in space.
  • ???: behind the frontlines in the deep space, some exploration missions done by the UEF fleets reported anormal activities around the galaxy and strange vessels. Sometimes, those reports mentioned passive activities, and sometimes the signal was lost with the fleet that made the report. We know nothing more about this, but it looks like there is another actor in space.

The brands

After the beginning of the space war, a lot of brands appeared to share and conquer the new military business need.

  • Seamon Industries: One of the most famous brand in Earth. They are specialized in spaceships and went famous with their Moonray civilian chassis, converted into the well-known entry level Stingray starfighter - overused by the UEF during the space battles to protect our nation.
  • HyperZ Systems: Speed matters. HyperZ is a spaceship brand that is known for its Cobra spaceship, initially built for races. This ship won a lot of competitions between 2285 and 2327 and has been adapted in a light and fast military scout spaceship to assist the exploration missions into the deep space.
  • John'n'Oli Guns: Precursor in the domain of the energy-based weapons, John'n'Oli was the first weapon manufacturer to provide laser cannons to the UEF spaceships and changed the rules of the conventional wars.
  • Zionic Industries: Zionic is another weapon manufacturer providing top-tier guns. They've got a lot of research centers using salvages of Lorvex drones to adapt their technologies at our advantage. Their Saber laser cannon is one example of their success doing that. They're also excelling in internal systems and made, for example, famous modules that can repair any damaged spaceship in-flight.
  • Mammoth Industries: A controversed weapon and modules manufacturer, Mammoth studied a lot the enemies' technologies and went crazy about firepower. They've made some of the most dangerous assets available on the market such as the Slug plasma launcher or the DM-1WO module that superchage energy or ballistic weapons. They had troubles at the beginning with the UEF justice but as the war came closer to Earth, they've been granted to sell their products to support the war effort.
  • Harry White Inc.: This is a rich brand making luxury ships, weapons, thrusters and modules. They've built some awesome assets for the top commanders of the UEF fleet such as the Hope pulse laser cannon or the NRV-Apex thrusters. They do not produce in large quantity so having an Harry White asset is very rare.
  • Freelanders Co: A very famous weapon manufacturer, first provider of UEF. They excel making very efficient weapons at low cost, widely adopted by the population, the army and even the pirates because of their efficacity in combat. One example of their successful design is the Shaft autocannon, blasting internals of any regular spaceship by piercing their armor with ease.
  • Skydust Systems: Another weapon manufacturer that got known for their low cost assets. They are the direct challengers of Freelanders, copying some of their designs to make their own way into the market. Their first successful attempt was the Clang machinegun, today suiting most of the UEF's border control drones into the solar system.
  • Mauler and Klein: One of the biggest thrusters provider, Mauler and Klein is making the most balanced propulsion systems of many of the ships used by the UEF forces.
  • SuperKraft Thrusters: Dedicated in propulsion systems, SuperKraft is specialized in high-mobility thrusters. Even if the top-speed of their assets isn't great, they managed to provide pilots a way to handle space fights by evading enemies' shots quite easily. They're really appreciated by spacefighters' pilots out there.
  • Novalus Engineering: Speed matters. Novalus is the first thrusters brand when it's about going fast. They provide assets to courrier and racing ships that can reach crazy high speed, but at the cost of the mobility and handling in fight. Novalus is also a big actor of the modules industry, known for their famous DS-1SG shield generator overused by the big cargo ships doing deliveries for the UEF space outposts.