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The ultimate 2D space shooter on Android, for free!

Started in 2016, from a "Flappy Bird" clone with space ships to this fast-paced 2D shooter in pixel art, Space Escape took a few turns before becoming this game.
No ads, no premium currency or microtransactions: enjoy the full experience without paying anything, and totally offline!

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Explore the galaxy

Find your way back to Earth.
You're lost in the deep space after the Great Galactic War occured. Travel accross various sectors to get back to your home planet.

Galactic Map

Explore the Galactip Map to find your way through the deep space.

Select Specific Level

Visit any place you've already completed from the desired checkpoint.

Sectors may be under the control of some alien species or space pirates, take them out to progress through your journey. Every place you'll visit is replayable, so you can collect items and rewards that you may miss during your initial playthrough!

Fight for your life

Deep space is a dangerous place.
Fight against waves of procedurally generated NPCS to earn cash and loots. Defeated hancrafted sector bosses to unlock new sectors to explore.

Enemies Banner

Lorvex fighter, Aegia fighter, Lorvex boss.

Enemies are using their own category of weapons that you can get after defeating them, if you're lucky enough. The more enemies you'll defeat in a single run, the better the reward will be at the end of a run!

Customize your ships

Your spaceship, your rules.
Make your very own loadout to match your playstyle or outplay your enemies.

Stingray with Torx

The starter ship and weapon of the game.

Cobra with Prowler

A fast ship using missiles that can track their target.

Vulture with Vindicator

A medium-sized ship using a devastating gauss cannon.

Seek for your perfect match between hundreds of possibilities: ship chassis, weapon, internal module... all in one place in your garage!

Shop for new items

Get new ships, weapons or modules.
Find top-tier assets to use or equip inside of the shop. Purchase them with in-game Gold currency!

Every hour, the stock is randomly refilled with a new item: check it frequently to not miss an opportunity.

Build new items in your workshop

Craft unique items.
Build some unique assets recycling your collected Scrap.

Scrap is automatically collected from enemies you'll defeat during your runs: the more you play, the more items you'll be able to craft!

Get better talents

Improve your own skills.
Use your experience points to unlock or upgrade new talents and improve your overall base statistics!

Experience points are earned by playing the game, for instance by defeating enemies or bosses!

Browse the items gallery

Collect them all.
Get information about the items you got and see what's missing in your collection.

Public roadmap

Past, current and future ideas for the game.
Stay informed and involved in the current and planned releases of the game. Any idea, comment or issue? Contact us!